Made For More: Living with purpose.

On birthdays, we celebrate the day our biological bodies made our parents happy. On our death days, do we celebrate? Nobody will stand up at a funeral to talk about a curvy body, thigh gaps, well-defined beards or a well-built body. The biological body, lying in state, does not more than make little children wilt and cry all the way back home. Well, this is because the most beautiful things of life cannot be seen or touched; they are felt.


That brings us to our conceptual self. That is what we struggle to build throughout life, consciously, or unconsciously. When you struggle consciously, you do all those who will speak at your funeral the favor of not biting their tongues while looking for words to say. Nina is short. Nina is caring. They both describe Nina, one, biologically, the other, conceptually. I could go on and on with more examples, but well, you get the point. We have three duties on earth (in no particular order), taking care of your biological body while prettifying your conceptual self.

who am i

The third duty should definitely be to make whoever made you happy. Well, if you know me well enough, you know the word I’d say next; God. Ever heard the word ‘purpose’? If you haven’t, purpose refers to the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Now, no biological body comes into existence without a reason or a purpose. When your parents put off the light, God uses that opportunity to create our biological bodies, but building our conceptual self is totally up to us. I think that’s not fair, because it’s the conceptual self that keeps living long after the biological body pegs out.

purpose of life
Purpose is what you do that gives you inner fulfilment and satisfaction. The crazy thing is, a thousand-dollar meal won’t give you as much satisfaction as a step towards fulfilling your purpose will. Purpose is why you’re made (you figured that already, I guess). Ever heard the word goal? Dream? Aspirations? They all mean purpose in my context. As the child grows, he finds out what he’s good at and desires to become. Messi could play football ably as a kid, maybe Donald Trump could make fellow kids cry as a kid, something like that; our purpose or goals are different.


Finding your purpose is something so many people don’t get to achieve even till they pass on. In simple terms, will the world be a little better after you’re gone? You need not stop a world war, start with something as little as forgiving those who hurt you. You don’t know your purpose yet? Well, that will be the talk of another blog post. But as a hit, your purpose is not what you do to get. It’s what you do to give. A gap you have to fill in the beautiful picture of life. And what makes achieving your purpose harder and even more interesting is that there’s a deadline to achieving it -death. So, be like a little child, if he wants to be a pilot, he’ll make paper jets and fly them. He doesn’t wait till he’s given a real plane to fly, he’s a pilot already; make plans and start in little ways, even though you can’t see the end.


It’ll interest you to know that I died recently. That’s probably the sentence you’ve been waiting for. Finding your purpose or pursuing your dream is a hard task. You will fail, you will fall. But get up and fail again. That’s just how it is. You repeat the process a couple of times until you realise you’re made to fly. You’re made for so much, so why offer so little. I’ve spent a couple decades in the world and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I guess you have a similar story.

Sometimes, our conceptual self seems to be on a peak and then we make another mistake and we crash and die. We fail, ourselves. We fail those around us. And most times, we fail God. Ask for forgiveness and start building again! Come back to live!! That’s the difference between the conceptual self and the biological self, it’s not only kinda immortal, but you have the power to bring it back to life.


On this birthday, I’m thankful to God for my life and to all those I’ve known so far for all the love and kinda opposite of love; they’ve all joined to make me a little better. I don’t have everything figured out, you know, I’m moving step by step. But I took a step that is kinda a big deal! I wrote my debut book!! It’s titled I’M, NOT DEAD YET. It’s young-adult fiction. Presale begins four weeks from now!!! Get ready to grab your copy!!!! Don’t blame me, exclamation marks look really cool. Stay tuned to my author platforms for more information about getting your copy!!!!!
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