I’M NOT DEAD YET: All the Awesome Stuff You Don’t Want to Miss!

Deep down, we all want to make a difference. Who doesn’t? We’ve wanted to do great stuff right from the days we had many spaces between our teeth. And help people, if we have the means to. But life happened. Life is tough, very tough. But there’s a sure-fire way to get through these obstacles that hinder us. We’ll get to that shortly.

Reading culture is fading they say, what do you think? Let’s admit it. Reading could get arduous and yea, boring. Except you’re reading a book that does the exact opposite; relieving you of bodily stress and causing your mind to shudder in excitement and intrigue. If you are fond of reading books, the last sentence just reminded you of one fascinating book you’ve read. If you can’t think of any, well, here is a book that’ll excite, fascinate, thrill (I mean, you’ll feel trickles of icy water, go through your feeling brain), and dare you to grow; I’m Not Dead Yet. For those who love to read, this is one book you won’t stop talking about to your fellow booky friends.

I'm Not Dead Yet

 Synopsis of I’m Not Dead Yet

I’m Not Dead Yet is a suspense-filled story of intriguing love and a challenging forgiveness which begins with a joyful walk from the cinema that takes two young lads in their prime to different places, leaving their families clueless and grief-stricken.

Benita, Obi’s sister soon recovers and returns to her unfinished project in school. Theresa, a young faithful Catholic girl, dedicated to her studies, while paying full allegiance to her father who upholds high religious standards for every member of the Akowe family, is uncontrollably swept off her feet.

In 2015, the year of her graduation, the strength of her moral and religious character faces opposition from a tempest. She single-handedly follows what her juvenile heart yearns for in the storm that puts the repercussions of her feats out of sight.

For the next three years, she carries what she believes to be a weapon, but is indeed a yoke, drawing her conceptual-self closer to biting the dust. With the weapon of hate for the male gender, she keeps up the fight until she stumbles upon a certain young man.

I'm Not Dead Yet

Well, there goes the précis of the book doing what précises do; covey 2% of all the fun. We all have those moments when our mood drops below our shoulders and you want to be left alone to think of whether love really exist. Okay, not only a difficult partner causes the thought of parting ways with the rest of the human family. Some days it could be a nagging boss at work; a lecture stuffed day; even as little as remembering an unpaid debt. Feel free. But you don’t have to be alone, the sleek of pages of I’m Not Dead Yet helps you forget all those and offers you the comfort you seek in the thrilling story, packed with amazing characters to root for and others to behead; trust me. Reading generally is a rejuvenating activity that renews your energy and elevates your mood, this book takes it a bit further by making you laugh owing to puns and witticisms scattered all over.

Thriller, suspense, drama, religion, politics love and lots more all packed to make you savour the display of multiple realities. Since the book falls within the New Adult genre, uhmm, you’d find romantic love here and there. (Do I call it love or infatuation? I mean, how could Columbanus Fry even think… lol relax, it’s not a 16th century novel, no character is named Columbanus Fry).  We all enjoy seeing the hero get the girl. We enjoy seeing the happy ending. We enjoy believing in “happily ever after.” It feels good, but… .

In our Apple century, while there are a group of people living for money, a bunch go about life drooling, with blinking red hearts in the place of their God given pupils.  Life is obviously beyond the two. It’s about finding out why you’re made and doing all you can to realize that goal. Money and love play vital roles in helping you achieve your purpose; money helps you with THINGS, love gives you a PERSON, but you’re your greatest asset. For some people, it takes them a while to figure this out, the chances are that, turning the pages of this well-paced work of fiction will spur you to focus more on building up your greatness.

This story will inspire those who have a glint of resilience towards their goals. And that’s the simple sure-fire way; resilience. Refusal to give up is all it takes to make a difference regardless. All our great mentors refused to give up; J.K Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, The Beatles. etc. In a boxing game, defeat is not declared when you fall, it is declared when you refuse to stand. So, fall, rest a bit and stand taller than you stood before the fall. I hope you turn the last page feeling inspired. Inspired enough to pick up the cause of helping people, changing lives and making a difference. A scientifically proven way of doing that is telling a friend about this book. Order for your copy via the buttons below.

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