Davido is topping the list of the most successful musical artistes in Nigeria. For some people who may boil inside already, okay, maybe he is sharing that spot with Wizkid. Yesterday, the star reached out to his friends to support his birthday, and it rained millions of naira. The kind that an entire clan won’t be able to earn by working as civil servants. And Davido made this in less than 20 hours. If this isn’t the definition of success, what else is?




According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, success is the fact of getting rich or achieving wealth, respect or fame. It is the opposite of failure. In the simplest sense, success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. And there are many more definitions of success flying about every corner of social media. But what definition can be sweeter than getting over two hundred and fifty thousand USD in 20 hours? Here’s the tricky thing.


It doesn’t work that way. If that were to be the definition of success, then it’ll take a level eight civil servant in Nigeria approximately 138 years to be successful. Therefore, if you’re planning on becoming a civil servant, you might as well just be a bar man because you can never make it. Personally, I feel every dictionary makes success harder to attain by the very attempt of trying to define it. So don’t think I’m going to give you a definition either.



So many people fall easily for other people’s definition of success. Especially in the online world. So many quotes and images portraying people’s successes. But the definition of success should be personal to every single person. You knew that, didn’t you? Maybe not. What is success for you? What does the successful version of yourself look like? Funny enough, a good number of us have no time to think about this or imagine this because we’re busy staring at other people’s definition of success and chorusing God when.



Success could mean getting to start your own business, waking up at five 5am daily for a month, clocking five years in a relationship, not sinning against God for a week, finishing a project, etc. It could also mean buying a house at Lekki, a Lamborghini, becoming a bestselling author, etc. It could be ‘massive’ or ‘meagre.’ I put the two words in inverted commas because that’s how we could look at these instances of success. But our brain sees it differently. It doesn’t perceive the difference between ‘massive’ or ‘meagre.’ Once you register waking up at five am daily for a month as your definition of success, your brain processes the information and gives you the exact same reward or feeling of pride as with any other successful person. It all depends on what you define success to be for you. Do you have a clear definition of what success is for you? I guessed your answer correctly. When you don’t have a clear definition of success, you’re locked in the ‘God when’ zone for every appeasing thing you come across.

definition of success


Davido’s  Formula

Should we add at least one million naira to whatever our definition of success is, Chika? Not exactly. The Davido’s formula states that even though the definition of success is personal, its effects should go beyond us. This is the common factor in every definition of success. When people can feel the impact of your success, you have reached the zenith of your success. (Please, it mustn’t be monetary, of course). Take a while to be by yourself and define what success is for you. Imagine the successful version of you and take steps towards that goal. Do this and you will be unmoved by a shit ton of definitions of success that have nothing to do with your purpose. Success could be as little as making sure your friend gets the definition of success right, or what do you think

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